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Workers Compensation

In line with the insurance regulations of federal and state authorities, Skeele Agency, Inc. offers workers compensation and New York State Disability solutions. With our main office in central New York, we serve surrounding areas like Chittenango, Waterville, Manlius, Moravia, Deruyter, and Cazenovia.
Our policies are designed to pay medical bills for injured workers. At the same time, we compensate your employees when injuries sustained lead to lost wages. Compensation for those who suffer from diseases and illnesses caused by the nature of the jobs is also paid.

Workers Compensation Coverage

When you purchase coverage from Skeele Agency, Inc., you save yourself from the liability of personally compensating your workers. For example, your policy pays the medical bills of an injured worker or one who has suffered work-related diseases.

Your provider reimburses your employee’s income while they receive medical attention. This reimbursement goes to a certain limit already set by insurance laws. Suppose an employee dies because of injuries sustained while on duty, workers compensation insurance would cover the burial expenses in addition to the dependents receiving benefits.

Workers Compensation Exceptions

It is important to know the exceptions of this coverage so that you don’t get frustrated when making a claim. As a rule, insurance carriers do not compensate a worker who suffers from injuries an intentional act of omission or commission. In cases where an employee knew that a certain operation carries risks and accepted to go ahead with the task, they may not be reimbursed.

For example, if two workers start a fight because of their personal matters and one of them sustains injuries, you (and your insurance provider) are not liable. Similarly, if a worker suffers injuries due to his voluntary alcohol or drug intoxication, you are not liable.

These policies usually do not compensate victims of natural disasters such as hailstorms, floods, or hurricanes. However, should there be proof that the job actually comes with such risks, the victim can receive reimbursement. Victims of off-duty recreational risks, such as extreme sports activities also are not covered.

Workers Compensation Policy

The advantages of purchasing a workers compensation policy is that it goes beyond just full compensation. Companies offer free training programs to all employers, employees, and other parties who regularly access your company premises. Additionally, occasional surveys are completed to determine the level of safety for the workers and provide prompt recommendations.

While the surveys determine potential causes of accidents, we also provide valuable information about industrial hygiene and health. When you sign up with Skeele Agency, Inc., we regularly update you on the settlement proposals depending on the nature of your policy.

New York Disability Requirements

Skeele Agency, Inc. abides by the regulations of the New York State disability requirements. Our insurance covers all employees who have worked for you for a minimum of four consecutive weeks.

If you employ a person who was previously covered by his former employer, that person qualifies for coverage even on the first day of work with your company. Domestic workers who put in 40 hours of work in a week also qualify.

Exceptions to the law include minor children of employees, railroad and maritime workers, farm laborers, and religious leaders. Since your eligibility for coverage depends on specific issues, contact us today and learn the factors and considerations. We are available 24/7 via phone or online.

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