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If you are a sales vendor (antiques, used items, etc.), concessionaire, exhibitor, packaged food products (such as jams, in-home baked goods, etc.) selling, displaying your products and services at markets, malls, trade or craft shows then Skeele Agency, Inc. has the policy for you. While we do many of these policies all over New York, we try to customize this policy for your needs to meet the market requirements while keeping the costs very reasonable over the course of one year. We can also cover your merchandise and equipment if you need it.

The policy is portable so you will be covered anywhere in NYS that you do business. Certificates are issued as soon as you contact us and adding Additional Insureds to the policy is not a problem, though there is an additional premium charge to do so. If your operation is larger than just selling at a market, mall, craft show etc., we can custom tailor your policy to cover your retail operation also. These policies generally start at approximately $166 for one million limit and one additional insured. We do these policies through phone, email, fax and credit card if that works best for you. Contact a SKEELE AGENCY office for a policy specific to you.

Vendor Liability Insurance

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