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Travel Trailer Insurance

With the various uses of a trailer, ranging from camping and hauling cargo to providing a permanent residence, it’s important to have the right insurance. Skeele Agency, Inc. helps you choose a reliable and affordable coverage regardless of the purpose of your trailer. We ensure that you are given more protection than that offered by standard trailer insurance by choosing the right policy that includes additional add-ons specifically designed for your unique needs.

Some people confuse travel trailers with recreational vehicles (RVs), and end up purchasing the wrong insurance. The difference is that a recreational vehicle has a motor and sits on a permanent chassis while a travel trailer does not have a motor and is towed by a vehicle since it is a separate component.

Who Needs Trailer Insurance?

Some of the typical trailer types that require insurance include:

  • Trailer with recreational cargo quarters
  • Conventional trailer
  • Toy hauler
  • Pop-up trailer
  • Camper
  • Mounted truck camper

You can acquire a separate policy for your trailer or as an endorsement to your existing auto policy. The coverage protects you from having to replace your stolen personal belongings such as clothes and electronics. It also ensures that you don’t get stuck with claim bills if someone is injured by your trailer in an accident.

Travel Trailer Insurance

Types of Trailer Insurance Policies

The common types of trailer policies and their coverage include:

  • Collision Insurance for Trailers

    This collision coverage for your trailer helps you meet the repair costs when your trailer gets damaged in the event of an accident.

  • Trailer Comprehensive Insurance

    If your trailer is stolen, this replaces it with another one. It also covers expenses arising as a result of non-collision damages. Such damages may be caused by vandalism, fire, or even falling debris.

  • Liability Insurance for Trailers

    If you cause an accident and harm other people or their property, this coverage bails you out. Note that some auto policies will only provide protection if the travel trailer is being towed. When parked, the liability coverage ceases to protect you. But just like a homeowner, it is important that a stationary travel trailer stays protected. If you need coverage for your stationary travel trailer, Skeele Agency, Inc. ensures that you get the best there is.

There are several reasons why you need a stationary trailer liability protection. Lack of this protection may put you in a financial fix, a situation you would rather avoid. These include:

  • Accidents – Visitors might get injured if they trip and fall while on your camping site or in the trailer.
  • Fire – Your trailer may catch fire and burn valuable property close to it.
  • Animal Bites – These can get expensive to treat, especially if the animal is highly poisonous.
Who Needs Trailer Insurance?

Living in a Travel Trailer

If you don’t have another residential home and you reside in your trailer, you may require a policy that is similar to a homeowner’s insurance. In such scenarios, you might want to have coverage for your stationary trailer contents such as:

  • Furniture and Equipment
  • Personal Belongings
  • Adjacent structures like decks and sun rooms

Skeele Agency, Inc. puts into consideration your specific situation in determining the best insurance policy for you. All you have to do is contact us today for a quote.

Types of Trailer Insurance Policies
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