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Snowmobile Insurance

If you are a snowmobiler, then you are aware of the dangers that come along with this type of recreation. It’s a daunting task to find the right insurance policy to protect your snowmobile. That’s where our experienced insurance agents at Skeele Agency, Inc. come in.

Skeele Agency, Inc. is an independent agency that works with various insurance companies to help you stay covered. Our role is to do the policy comparisons on your behalf to ensure that you get a coverage option within your budget.

Snowmobile Insurance Coverage

Snowmobiling can be a hazardous winter sport for various reasons. Snowmobiles move at relatively high speeds and because they are used in snowy weather, visibility may be a problem. Snow cover also makes it hard to detect dangerous rocks, stumps and other objects.

Due to these reasons and others, snowmobilers often find themselves involved in accidents that result in bodily injury, harm to fellow snowmobilers and onlookers, and damage to their machines as well as other people’s property.

Snowmobile Insurance

What Does Snowmobile Insurance Cover?

Taking out the right kind of insurance policy to suit your situation is imperative. Listed below are the different types of insurance coverages for snowmobiles:

  • Comprehensive coverage

    In case your snowmobile is stolen or damaged as a result of a crash or falling debris, this coverage comes in handy. It pays for the repair or replacement cost, as applicable.

  • Towing and labor coverage

    This policy option can ensure that your broken snowmobile gets to the nearest service shop.

  • Uninsured and underinsured driver coverage

    A driver without insurance or someone who is inadequately insured may cause an accident injuring you and damaging your snowmobile. With this kind of policy, you can be compensated for both your injuries and machine repair costs.

  • Medical payments coverage

    Medical bills can be financially exhausting and this is why you need insurance coverage. Some insurance companies offer medical payment protection which is valid for the first three years after the accident. The coverage protects you as the driver and your passenger(s).

  • Liability insurance

    This insurance covers damaged property and medical bills to other parties and hence the need to get as much liability coverage as you can afford to be on the safe side. When you are adequately covered, your confidence grows in leaps and bounds which will allow you to fully enjoy your equipment. What you need is a liability insurance for your snowmobile, to ensure that if you cause an accident, you are protected.

Cost of Snowmobile Insurance

The average cost of snowmobile insurance packages is between $300 and $400 per year. If you prefer purchasing liability coverage only, packages can cost as little as $80 to $100 annually.

To determine the right coverage for your vehicle, you need to provide one of our Skeele Agency, Inc. representatives with all the important details, including the type of coverage you want, where you will ride, the year, make and model of your snowmobile. Contact us today for the right insurance policy.

Snowmobile Insurance Coverage
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