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Professional Liability Insurance

If you offer professional services, it is time to leverage our versatile professional liability insurance. At Skeele Agency, Inc., we understand that even professionals make mistakes and having professional liability insurance can protect you in case you are sued for negligence in performing your duties.

Professional liability insurance, also called errors & omissions (E&O), is designed for professionals, such as consultants, service-providing individuals like contractors, and companies whose expertise is relied on by others. This coverage protects you in case a client is harmed from a service or “expert advice” you provided for which you are legally liable.

Because we have provided this kind of coverage for five decades, we know how capricious the professional front is. At one time you are being celebrated as the best consultant in your area, and the next you are being hauled to court by multiple clients claiming you misadvised them. Whatever the case, we have your back through our specialized professional liability coverage.

Professional Liability Insurance

Professional Liability Insurance Coverage

Though this is not one of the most common insurance policies on the market, you need to consider it if you provide professional services or if you regularly give advice to clients. Experts such as accountants, financial advisors, health care advisors, and architects are just some of the professionals who benefit from our customized insurance coverage.

Our professional liability insurance offers varying types of coverage options including:

  • Actual or Alleged Negligence:

    We protect your business against alleged or actual errors and omissions in the course of your practice or contract.

  • Personal Injury:

    This option covers libel and slander against your business or an individual in your establishment in the course of providing a professional service.

  • Defense Costs:

    This coverage protects your business against defense costs regardless of fault.

At Skeele Agency, Inc., we personalize your coverage to suit your unique needs. For instance, if you need copyright infringement protection, we are glad to offer it. Our agents are always willing to listen and get you the most suitable and affordable quote on the market.

Our professional indemnity coverage is optimized to protect your company’s integrity and assets in case of a legal claim. More importantly, you don’t have to worry about defense costs because they are duly covered by the policies we provide.

Professional Liability Insurance Coverage

Professional Liability Insurance Policy

There are many situations that can lead to a devastating legal suit that could ruin your professional reputation. Consider, for instance, if one of your employees sends a confidential email containing a client’s information to the wrong person. The affected clients can sue you for breach of contract. With our attention to detail, you are covered.

If you are still not sure whether errors & omissions (E&O) coverage is ideal for your business, call us today. We will guide you through this complex area of insurance and recommend the ideal policy for your situation. From counselors to beauticians, there is the need for professionals to leverage our versatile insurance offerings to avoid financial losses in the future.

If your practice is in New York, you can call us today or visit our offices in Cazenovia, Chittenango, DeRuyter, Manlius, Moravia and Waterville. Our full-service insurance agency is ready to provide you with details on all policies so you can make an informed choice.

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