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Premises Liability Insurance

If you run a business in New York, you must have noted the steep increase in lawsuits against businesses. Most are premises liability lawsuits that are filed those who feel they were injured at your site due to your negligent conduct. At Skeele Agency, Inc. we have deliberately made it our priority to protect businesses against financial losses emanating from such claims. Our premises liability insurance is intended to protect you against legal claims that could potentially devastate your business.

Lawsuits and legal claims are becoming more common, especially when multiple claims are made. What will happen if you do not have the adequate insurance coverage?  You will be left staring at hefty fines that could curtail your operations or worse, drive you to bankruptcy. We have been in this industry for over 50 years and have designed our products so that your business is fully covered against relevant risks.

Premises Liability Insurance

What Is Premises Liability Insurance?

Our premises liability insurance protects a property owner, whether for home or business, from legal claims if someone files an injury suit based on an accident they have had on the premises. We know how devastating a lawsuit can be, hence our comprehensive coverage.

In case the claim is found to be valid, you will be required to pay for medical expenses, legal fees, loss of wages, and even emotional distress. Such costs can run up into thousands of dollars and you might end up losing your property. Luckily, our premises liability insurance protects against such a situation because it pays for these costs.

Injuries that happen on your business premises are covered under your policy. Common causes of injuries include:

  • Tripping on unmarked curbs or holes
  • Wet floors that are unmarked
  • Ice and snow outside your company building leading to slips
  • Tripping on a rug
  • Falling on badly built stairs
  • Injuries from construction repairs at your premises where the site is not marked

We understand that there are many other situations that may lead to accidents on your property. This is the reason we advise you to obtain our versatile insurance to prevent against debilitating lawsuits. Not only do such legal claims ruin your finances, but they also affect your brand’s image.

What is Premises Liability Insurance

Premises Liability Insurance Coverage

With our premises insurance, you can be at peace knowing your business does not have to be dragged into potentially damaging lawsuits. Our agents are always on call to answer any questions. We know every business is unique; some which operate from their personal homes. Such companies need specialized coverage; that is why we are always willing to go an extra mile to provide them with the coverage they require.

We serve the larger New York area with offices in Cazenovia, Chittenango, DeRuyter, Manlius, Moravia and Waterville. We have insurance policies from the leading carriers in the industry including Allstate, Preferred Mutual, Safeco, Security Mutual, and The Hartford, along with many others.

We are confident in offering the most competitive premises liability coverage on the market. Call us now or visit one of our offices; we will be waiting to find you the right policy to fit your needs.

Premises Liability Insurance Coverage
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