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Mobile and Manufactured Home Insurance

Mobile and manufactured homes are flexible enough to allow you to design your own dwelling at a much lower price than it costs to build a conventional home. The fact that they are cheaper to own when compared to stick-built homes adds to the allure, which is the reason the number of people owning this type of home has soared.

The modern mobile homes are constructed and delivered to your destination by a trailer after purchase. While they are relocatable, anytime you want to move, you will have to call in reinforcements to help you move to the new destination.

Manufactured homes typically are built on a piece of land you already own and unlike a mobile home, are permanently placed where they are built and cannot be relocated. Also, the homes are built like most others, making it hard to tell whether it’s a mobile or manufactured home. They also come fitted with modern amenities for extra comfort.

Mobile Manufactured Home Insurance

What Is Manufactured Home Insurance?

The need for insurance for your manufactured home goes without saying, due to the many hazards that can result in huge losses if it remains unsecured. From vandalism and theft to harsh weather conditions, fire and smoke damage, the list is endless.

Since disasters cannot be accurately predicted, it is important to have some protection against such eventualities. Protecting the physical structure of your home is the first step to ensuring that you are not left homeless.

In addition to this, a personal injury where a guest is hurt while in your home is also a possibility due to conditions that can be termed as unsafe. Having mobile or manufactured home insurance covers such liabilities.

Skeele Agency Inc. insurance coverage can also protect you if someone else’s property is damaged while under your care, thus helping you mitigate such costs comfortably.

What Is Manufactured Home Insurance?

Mobile and Manufactured Home Insurance Coverage

Taking out such a policy with us ensures that your manufactured or mobile home is protected from several incidences, including fire, plumbing anomalies that can result in severe damage to your home, and adverse weather conditions like storms, hail, etc. (unless stipulated otherwise in the policy).

Replacement of the home can also be part of the coverage in the unfortunate event you lose the home entirely. The same applies to a partial loss where part of your home is damaged and needs repairs.

Your personal possessions can also be covered to ensure they are secure. This is a huge relief because moving your mobile home to a new location can result in plenty of vulnerabilities that can result in insurmountable losses. Mobile home insurance prevents this, which is why you have to make sure you aquire appropriate coverage.

Mobile and Manufactured Home Insurance Coverage
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