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Insurance & Your Spring Project

Insurance & Your Spring Project

Are your home and garden ready to absorb the spring sunshine? As the first official day of spring approaches on March 20, 2018, it’s important that homeowners are prepared for lots of sunshine and showers. While we’ve experienced an interesting winter season full of unexpected snowfall, once this snow melts, it is the perfect time to your yard back in tip-top shape.  Also, don’t forget to consider your home insurance coverage as you work to assess any damages and avoid potential accidents.

7 Home Maintenance Tips for Spring

1. Check Your Roof

Damaged roof shingles are one of the most common reasons that homeowners make insurance claims in the early spring. In the long winter months, roof shingles can easily fall off or become damaged, leading to leaks and other unsafe conditions. Any shingles that are cracked, warped or missing should be replaced.

2. Inspect Gutters

Just like your roof, the gutters that surround it can take a big hit in the winter. Inspect your gutters for any leaks or loose fastenings. Loose or damaged gutters can result in water drainage into the home through the basement or crawlspace, so it’s best to deal with them quickly to avoid costly repairs.

3. Examine the Chimney

Whether you have a working or decommissioned chimney, it’s always a good idea to check it over for damages after a long winter as well. Plan on using your chimney in the fall and winter seasons? Be sure to have the flue inspected and cleaned out by a professional.

4. Fix Damaged Concrete

Concrete slabs can easily freeze and crack due to extreme winter conditions. Carefully inspect all concrete slabs on your property for any signs of movement or cracking. Additionally, make sure that all concrete slabs are draining away from your home’s foundation. If you notice any cracks, fill them with a special concrete crack filler or silicone caulking. Finally, power-wash and re-seal the concrete.

5. Check Exterior Faucets

Even if you properly winterized your outdoor faucets, there’s still a chance that they could have frozen over the winter. Test them by turning on the water and placing your thumb over the opening. If you’re able to stop the flow of the water, it is very likely that the pipe inside of your house is damaged and should be replaced.

6. Schedule an HVAC Appointment

Get your A/C unit up and running with the help of a qualified HVAC technician. Annual service inspections are important to help ensure that the system is working properly and to avoid any potential hazards as the warmer weather ramps back up.

7. Gather Your Equipment

Now is the ideal time to inspect your gardening equipment to make sure that it’s ready for the next few months of heavy use. Check all of your battery-powered and gas-powered equipment and replace important items as needed. Additionally, you should clean all of your power tools and pay extra attention to your lawnmower blades, which may be due for a sharpening.

Enjoy a Safe and Happy Spring Season with Insurance Protection

After all of your hard work, make sure you can sit back and relax this spring by giving yourself peace of mind with comprehensive insurance coverage. Unsure of what your current home insurance policy actually covers? You should review your policy annually to make sure you have the right level of protection to fit your lifestyle and budget. Visit our experienced independent insurance agents at Skeele Agency Insurance, Inc. online today for more information and be sure to request a quote.

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