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Home Insurance

Your home is the single most important investment in your life. For this reason, you need to protect it effectively. At Skeele Agency, Inc., we offer the most comprehensive primary, secondary, and seasonal home insurance coverage.

We take great pride in our rich heritage of experience in the insurance industry. This has helped us become the premier home insurance agency in New York. Moreover, we understand that the traditional idea of a home is changing, seeing that many now have second homes or even vacation homes.

This is where our expertise in the field comes in handy to help you choose the right package from our specialized coverage options.

Primary Home Insurance

Our primary home insurance coverage helps to protect your primary residence and all personal belongings against different perils. Our primary home insurance policy also covers you against financial loss if you are sued for negligence by another property owner or even a guest in your home.

Our standard primary home insurance covers the dwellings including the house, garage, fences and other structures. It also covers personal property including furniture and appliances, and your liability in case you are sued and found liable.

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Other covered issues include loss of use in case of damages, requiring you to relocate during renovations. Medical payments, in case someone is injured on the property, are also covered, as well as a watercraft stored within the compound. At Skeele Agency, Inc., we are ready to provide customized services to cater to your unique primary home.

Secondary Home Insurance

We understand that you might have a second home that is not regularly in use. Whether it is a lakeside getaway, a condo or a weekend cabin, we have the right home insurance coverage for your precious investment.

This secondary home comes with unique risks considering its location and the fact that it is almost always vacant. You can consider our umbrella coverage or even buy fair rental income protection if you are renting this home out. In essence, the premiums for secondary home coverage are well worth it because we offer the most affordable rates for the most secure coverage.

Differences Between Primary and Secondary Home Insurance

A primary home, you are always present, and the risks are fewer. Your secondary home could be in an isolated location that increases the likelihood of burglaries, vandalism and other risks.

At Skeele Agency, Inc., we strive obtain the best quality coverage and the most competitive rates in the market, to protect you, your Primary and secondary homes.

Seasonal Home Insurance

If you have an amazing vacation home, then you need to have adequate insurance coverage. We offer a vast array of seasonal home coverage options to cover properties such as these, and find you the fairest rates in the market.

Though the premiums are higher for secondary homes, you can get better rates by installing an alarm system or buying our umbrella policies to protect all your assets together. We also offer named perils coverage including fire, floods, windstorm and lightning, liability coverage, actual cash value and agreed loss settlement, optional replacement cost and extended replacement cost coverage, among other options.

We understand that your primary, secondary and seasonal homes are treasured investments, and this is the reason we offer these specialized coverage options to protect them. We cover the larger New York areas including Cazenovia, Chittenango, DeRuyter, Manlius, Moravia and Waterville. Contact us today and let us help you secure your investment.

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