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Flood Insurance

With the weather becoming increasingly unpredictable, you cannot afford to be uninsured against floods. As a primary provider of flood insurance in the New York area, we have witnessed firsthand the devastation imposed on families by the unpredictable acts of Mother Nature. Fortunately, most of these residents had taken up policies that came to their rescue when the rains flooded their homes and offices. You too, should contact one of our agents today and take advantage of this coverage. The icing on the cake is that we help you choose the most appropriate flood insurance solution from a number of providers, saving you from the dilemma that most people face when searching for insurance.

Flood Insurance Coverage

Any part of the country can experience floods, regardless of its location and history. For this reason, everyone should be insured, whether they have experienced a flood in the past or not. Floods are typically characterized by incidences where two or more acres of dry land are covered in rain water or mudflow.

Conditions that result in flooding include hurricanes, accumulation of rainfall, unchecked topography, overtopped levees, and drainage systems that are clogged by garbage. Sadly, most of these factors are beyond your control and ordinary homeowners insurance policies do not cover damage caused by flood water. It is fortunate that the government has provided maps showing areas that are most prone to flooding. To prepare for this eventuality, get a quote from Skeele Agency, Inc. and take advantage of what we have to offer.

Flood Insurance Requirements

If you live in a flood-prone area, the federal government and your mortgage company may require you to have flood insurance. However, you do not have to live in such an area to purchase one, as no one knows when the misfortune of flood will strike. In fact, it is cheaper to obtain coverage from Skeele Agency, Inc. if you live outside a flood plain. The cost of flood insurance depends on the value of your home and whether or not you are living in a flood plain. If you live in a condominium or a rented space, you can buy insurance to cover your valuables only.

Your policy is usually effective 30 days after purchasing it. However, this requirement can be waived in the event that you bought a new home and the area floods before the 30-day waiting period.

Flood Insurance Policy

Federal law requires you to have at least one policy if you live in a flood plain. While federal insurance compensates you up to the sum of $250,000, you should take advantage of independent coverage from other insurance providers. This is because you never know the extent of damage that a ravaging hurricane can cause to your possessions. Additionally, federal insurance only covers reconstruction of your structure. It does not consider any possessions apart from HVAC systems. At the same time, it does not cover your living expenses while your home is under reconstruction.

It is important to consider flood insurance coverage to safeguard your home and valuables in case of a flood.  Skeele Agency, Inc. can provide you with the right insurance policy for your needs. Get a quote online or call our customer service desk any time of day or night.

Flood Insurance Coverage
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