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Custom and Modified Car Insurance

At Skeele Agency, Inc. we know just how much you love your chromed Chevy and it is for this reason that we offer the most competitive rates for custom and modified car insurance. Driving your dream car should not curtail your right to affordable auto insurance; this is why we go an extra mile to get the best quotes for you and ensure you are fully covered out on the road.

Since 1957 we have remained a pacesetter in the insurance business, we have sold auto insurance to thousands of car enthusiasts who wanted more than what the industry could offer.

Whether you own a chopped, channeled, or lowered auto, we are ready to offer you the insurance coverage you need to get on the road. Indeed, all alterations to the car’s original specifications qualify it for our custom car insurance.

Whether you have modified the exhaust system, replaced your original wheels with alloy ones, or upgraded to a tuned engine, you should talk to us today for the best coverage options. Some of the most popular customized parts include changes to the:

  • Chrome bumpers
  • Front or rear-end spoilers
  • New stereo system
  • Chrome wheels or racing tires
  • Car hood ornaments

There are many other customization options that can be done to your car and the best way to determine whether you need this specialized coverage is by calling our experienced insurance agents. We have companies that specialize in custom and modified vehicles with long-standing experience in the industry.

Modified and Custom Car Insurance

Some of the factors that determine the rates for modified car insurance include the type of reworks you have done and the model of the car. We advise car enthusiasts to first inform us before doing any modifications so that we can provide professional guidance on how this will affect your insurance. We try to demystify insurance because we know that we can provide great rates that can protect you and your ride.

As car enthusiasts, we understand that anyone who takes an interest in modifying their car is bound to take great care of it too. We also know that you will only use high-end garages for regular repairs. This convinces insurance providers to offer the most competitive rates. If you have been worrying about how to get the best coverage for your customized vehicle, it is time to call us to get the most affordable rates. We service a wide area in New York, with offices in Cazenovia, Chittenango, DeRuyter, Manlius, Moravia and Waterville. We understand the effort and money that has gone into creating your perfect ride and we are ready to offer you adequate and affordable coverage.

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