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Condo and Townhouse Insurance

Condominiums allow people to be homeowners without the hassle of maintaining an entire property. However, the external parts such as hallways and land are owned by an association. This means that communal input from the building dwellers is needed, especially when it comes to maintenance and services around the building.

Townhouses vary from condos in that the homeowner of the former owns the land the property sits on and is thus responsible for it. This can include balcony areas, interior, and exterior areas of the property as stated in the deed.

Condo Insurance

The insurance for the condo building and the land it’s built on is the responsibility of the condominium association and not the condo owner. This does not cover the interior of the individual condos, meaning that as the owner, it is your responsibility to ensure your possessions are insured.

Taking out a policy with Skeele Agency, Inc. ensures that any injuries that affect a guest in your home; medical expenses and lawsuits are covered.

Accidental damage to someone else’s property, like a neighbor, does not have to be a messy process if you have personal liability insurance. We also cover you if there is any loss in your home that has been assessed by your condo association.

Condo and Townhouse Insurance

Townhouse Insurance

A townhouse owner is responsible for the property inside and outside their house including parking garages or lots, walkways, swimming pools, public areas, and other onsite amenities. Taking out a policy with us will cover you in the case of fire, theft, storm damage and other similar incidences.

A townhouse owner also needs insurance to cover any incidents that occur on the property both inside and outside, caused by various factors. We can find you a well-rounded policy that ensures the protection of your investment from unprecedented disasters.

Condo Insurance

What Does Townhouse Insurance Cover?

  • Any damage on your property that affects your house or other permanent structures is covered by the insurance policy unless stated otherwise.
  • Any damage to your personal property (e.g. electronics, clothes, etc). due to factors that are defined by the policy.
  • Stolen or lost jewelry, however, could be limited depending on the policy taken. This might require additional coverage which can be added to or purchased separately from the homeowners insurance.
  • The townhouse owner is covered against personal liability that may arise in and outside their property.
  • Any additional expenses incurred due to damage to property (e.g. having to move out of the house and into a hotel temporarily due to unforeseen circumstances that make the house uninhabitable.)
Townhouse Insurance
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