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ATV Insurance

All-terrain vehicles, or ATVs, are aptly named because when it comes to rough, rugged, or wild terrain, this type of vehicle has you covered. But did you know that you need an additional ATV insurance policy to have it protected? The risk that comes with such vehicles cannot be overstated, not only because of the terrain they tackle but also because of the nature of their build. They are like motorbikes on four wheels, meaning that you, as the driver, are not covered except for the helmet.

The fun of driving such vehicles is tackling tougher terrain every time you take it out for a spin. If you are a sporting adrenaline junky, you need to know that there are more ways to protect yourself – in addition to the helmet of course. Therefore, take out an ATV insurance policy for additional protection.

What is ATV Insurance?

ATV insurance coverage is mandatory if you are looking to enjoy your vehicle on the rough roads it’s built for. This is your ticket to finding peace while driving and giving you that all-important clarity that is needed to use it successfully. To prepare for the unpredictable, you can choose a coverage that protects every person who drives your vehicle. If your sports ATV is a heavy duty 4×4, premiums might be higher than UTVs (utility task vehicle), which are light off-road. The function of the ATV may determine the premium you will pay.

Using Skeele Agency, Inc. as your insurance provider gives you a better chance at lower rates, as we will guide you to get the best possible protection. Whether you are a sporadic rider or you ride every chance you get, we find the coverage that fits your individual situation. To get the best ATV insurance protection, it is important to be ready with details, such as the ATV’s year, make, model, mileage, cc’s, etc., complete with the names of the people you want to be insured and their respective driving histories. Information about your current or most recent insurer is also important. If you don’t have this vehicle in possession yet, don’t worry because we can still get you estimates from the insurance companies we work with. Going into this prepared ensures that we have a clear picture of what you want to advise you accordingly.

What Does ATV Insurance Cover?

Most ATV insurance policies cover collision, comprehensive, liability insurance and uninsured/underinsured rider. This means that if you are in a collision with an obstacle, another ATV, or flip the vehicle while riding, collision coverage kicks in. This covers any repairs or replacement needed. Comprehensive coverage comes in handy if your vehicle encounters hazards like theft, fire, damage from falling tree branches, and other mishaps.

If an uninsured driver causes the accident, our uninsured motorist coverage takes care of any injuries or damage to property. The same applies to a driver who is underinsured; your ATV coverage can bridge the gap between their insurance and the cost of the damages incurred. Also, you can add custom accessories to your ATV coverage. This is determined by the type of policy; choose one that works for you to ensure your passion is lived out safely in every way.

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