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Apartment Building Insurance

If you own an apartment with (5 or more units), the law stipulates that you must purchase insurance coverage. At Skeele Agency, Inc., we offer a tailored solution for apartment buildings in various environments, whether in busy urban areas, those located near tourist attractions, along a high-traffic suburban street and rural areas.

The commercial insurance policy you purchase will be dependent on several factors, such as the structure of your apartment building, the demographics of the people living in that particular apartment building, and your personal wishes. Whatever the condition of your building, let us protect your property from any unexpected property damage or liability losses.

Why You Need Apartment Building Insurance

As a property owner, you can only control or protect the apartment’s structure and premises liability.   Therefore, you may want to enforce your tenants to obtain a renter’s policy.  Insure your apartment building with Skeele Agency, Inc. today.

You can either contact a customer service representative by phone, e-mail or online. Our experienced agents will advise you on a number of things like legal liability coverage, builder’s’ risk protection, and ordinance or law coverage, among others.

We will assess the nature of the structure itself, the number of occupants at any particular time, the tenant demographics, and any equipment or machinery installed on your premises. For this reason, we may need to take a detailed tour of your apartment building to gather the facts.

We also need to understand the equipment that serves your building, such as HVAC systems, cleaning machines, refrigerators, water pumps, and stoves, in addition to others. At the same time, we will assess the structures around your compound, such as gardens, trees, and shrubs to determine the kind of coverage that best suits you.

What Does Apartment Building Insurance Cover?

Our range of apartment building insurance policies seeks to cover all the risks that come with running a rental property business. Because your building houses people, care is taken on the nature and extent of the coverage needed.

In all circumstances, our policies primarily protect the structure itself. We can cover your business income, fixtures, machinery, and equipment installed at your housing facility. Additionally, we insure against damage to the security and emergency equipment like alarms systems.

Since we try to provide a comprehensive insurance solution, we want to be sure to cover your new installations not limited to but including roofing, plumbing, and heating and air conditioning fixtures.

Factors That Influence an Insurance Policy

Our agency drafts varying apartment building insurance policies for different owners. Some of the factors that bring about these differences are the size of an individual apartment, location, number of occupants, and the kinds of equipment installed in a unit.

Since we have served the local New York area for decades now, we can advise you based on the needs of your building. With offices located in neighborhoods such as Manlius, Chittenango, Cazenovia, New Hartford, Waterville, Moravia and DeRuyter, we are a trusted provider of apartment building insurance solutions. Contact us today and get a quote.

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