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Affordable Home Security Systems

Affordable Home Security Systems

What would your loved ones do if a scary monster tried to break into your home this Halloween? While it may sound like something out of a horror film, in reality, someone is home in approximately 28 percent of burglaries. At Skeele Agency Insurance, we know better than anyone the importance of a great home insurance policy for protecting New York families after an emergency incident. Luckily, an updated home security system can help to prevent many different types of emergency situations from happening. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of an alarm system for your home and how installing one could help save you big on your home insurance coverage.

Can I Really Save on Insurance with a Home Alarm System?

The short answer to that question is, absolutely yes. Research shows that burglars are about three times more likely to target homes that don’t have a security system set up over those that do. And with burglaries taking place about once every 20 seconds in the US, it only makes sense that homeowners across Upstate New York and beyond are investing in an extra layer of security for their home and loved ones.

A modern alarm system can not only help to keep your home safer, but it can also save you up to 20 percent on your insurance premium. Simply install and maintain a home security system that features some form of central monitoring. Then speak with your local Skeele Agency Insurance agent to learn more about what it takes to earn a special discount for protecting your home from break-ins, fire, carbon monoxide leaks and much more.

What Are the Additional Benefits?

While everyone can see the value in adding an extra layer of protection around their home and loved ones with a house alarm, there are many other great new benefits to installing a modern system.

Fire Safety

Updated home alarms systems make it super easy to alert the proper authorities in the event of a fire. Whether you want to program the system to contact the fire department as soon as your smoke alarms start sounding or you like the idea of having a panic button option that can be used if flames ever break out, with a monitored alarm in place, your family can enjoy peace of mind surrounding fires and other common home emergencies.

Remote Monitoring

Nothing is quite as frustrating as heading off to the airport on vacation only to have to turn around and make sure you’ve locked the doors and turned off all of the lights. With a modern security system, you never have to worry about whether or not your home is safe while you’re away. You can now take advantage of remote monitoring with most modern alarms that gives you access to your home security from the convenience of your smartphone. Lock doors, adjust the thermostat, turn off lights and even get a sneak peek at how the kids are doing with the babysitter!

Contact Skeele Agency Today

Protecting your family, home and valuable property from the threat of theft, vandalism and natural disasters is something that a comprehensive insurance policy is designed to do. But with the help of a modern security system installed at your property, you may be able to prevent many of these emergency situations from ever happening in the first place. Contact our friendly team to learn more about the benefits of investing in a home alarm system and be sure to request a free quote!

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