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7 Tips to Prevent a Fire in Your Home

7 Tips to Prevent a Fire in Your Home

House fires can occur for a number of reasons. Understanding the reasons a house fire is most likely to occur can help you to reduce your risks and minimize the chances of experiencing this type of catastrophe. Some of the most common causes of house fires include:

1. Indoor Cooking Mishaps

One common cause of house fires involve accidents that occur in the kitchen. Grease fires, for example, can quickly burn out of control if you don’t deal with them appropriately, leading to significant damage and even the destruction of your home. To prevent this type of house fire, use caution when cooking. Keep flammable materials, such as kitchen towels, away from the stove and other sources of heat at all times.

2. Portable Heaters

Portable heaters can help you keep warm during New York winters, and they may even help you save some money on your utility bills. However, they also present a fire hazard. Protect yourself against portable heater fires by choosing a unit that is unlikely to tip over and placing it in a safe location. Don’t operate these appliances unattended, and always maintain the manufacturer-recommended clearance around the heater.

3. Electrical Causes

Electrical fires are all too common and can be catastrophic. Fortunately, most of these fires can be avoided simply by making sure your home is wired properly and practicing certain precautions when using electricity. For example, AFCI outlets are designed to protect against electrical fires and should be used throughout your home. You should also avoid overloading any single electrical outlet, as this can raise the risk of fire.

4. Candles

Candles are beautiful and may even be used to bring a pleasant scent into your home, but they are also dangerous when they aren’t being used properly. Never leave candles burning unattended. Don’t burn them next to flammable materials, and never leave a candle lit overnight.

5. Dryer Vents

Your dryer vent exists to carry heat away from the dryer and out of the home. However, in some cases, lint can build up in the vent. When lint builds up and combines with heat, a fire can occur. To prevent this type of fire, clean your vent often.

6. Outdoor Cooking Mishaps

During the warmer months, many homeowners enjoy cooking their meals outdoors. However, this sometimes leads to fire damage. To avoid fires related to outdoor cooking, avoid grilling too close to your home. You should also keep your grill clean, as a buildup of grease on the grill raises the risk of a fire.

7. Flammable Liquids

Another common cause of fires in the home is a misuse of flammable liquids. Make sure you store all of these liquids in locations where they are unlikely to spill or become exposed to heat and flame. Avoid making piles of rags soaked with flammable liquids, as spontaneous combustion may occur.

Even with all of the best preventative measures, house fires are always a possibility. To make sure your home is properly insured, contact Skeele Insurance Agency today.

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