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The Importance of Workers’ Compensation for Your Business

The Importance of Workers’ Compensation for Your Business

With the significant amount of time that Americans spend at work throughout their lives, it’s no surprise that injuries can occur even in the seemingly safest of workplace environments. This could be anything from a bee sting to a falling piece of heavy equipment—both vastly different circumstances with different levels of workplace liabilities and potentially devastating consequences for an injured employee and fiscally responsible company alike.

For those employees who were injured in relation to their employment, there is the likelihood that they will be provided with some extent of workers’ compensation coverage used to sustain their needs while they are unable to work because of the injury. This can cover anything from medical bills and treatments to a supplemental source of income for the inability to perform on the job.

While workers’ compensation is there to protect your employees, Employer’s Liability insurance is there to protect you from having to pay exorbitant medical fees out of pocket as a company, a tough pill to swallow especially when the workplace injury was not as a result of negligence or wrongdoing on the part of the company. This is a no-fault system that will protect everyone involved, and result in your employee being taken care of, but your company not being charged out of existence. This coverage is generally mandatory.

There are many types of claims that can fall under the jurisdiction of a workers’ compensation coverage request. Beyond just one time injuries, the coverage can also apply to difficulties caused by repeated requirements of the on the job tasks, such as carpal tunnel syndrome or popcorn lung. Pollutants in the environment like asbestos can also cause long-term illnesses, and should not be overlooked. Of course, there is also the one specific incident that can lead to a worker claiming for compensation, which are the most well-known of the group.

Since this type of coverage for employees is so vital, an employer can potentially be opening themselves up to a lawsuit if they do not provide coverage for the legitimate issue, both by the state and the Workers’ Compensation Board. There could even be criminal penalties for failure to comply, which is the last issue your small business needs.

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Working with a top-notch insurance agency is one of the best ways that you can protect your company and your employees in situations of worker’s compensation and Employer’s Liability Insurance. These and many types of business insurance are available through us here at Skeele Agency, Inc., and we would love to share our services with you. For more information about this and our other areas of expertise, please contact us today for a personalized quote that works for your business.

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