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Dude, Who Hit My Car?

Dude, Who Hit My Car?

We have all heard the advice to “leave a note” with your contact information if you hit a parked car and the owner is not nearby. In such situations, it would be inconvenient or even impossible to wait until the owner appeared to exchange information. While the idea of someone leaving a note with their information is a nice idea, in reality, it tends to be an anomaly. Unfortunately, most people who may hit your parked car will drive off leaving no indication of who they are.

Parked car accidents are annoying to some but can be devastating to others. While you may assume that your auto insurance will provide coverage in this situation, you may not be adequately familiar with the terms of your policy and you may find yourself facing the cost of substantial repairs if your policy does not cover hit and run incidents.

Hit and run crashes are normally covered your collision coverage. NY law only requires that you carry liability insurance and many people only select the minimum. They later realize that their liability policy does not help them at all if their car is hit by an unknown driver while parked.

What to do after a Parked Car Accident

There are some steps you can take to limit liability and help an insurance claim after a parked car accident, which include the following:

  • Determine if any witnesses saw the accident who may have any helpful information
  • Take notes and photos regarding the time and location you discovered the damage
  • Notice whether there are any security cameras nearby that may have caught the collision on video

It is also important that you contact your insurance company right away about what happened to learn about your options. Some policies have strict time limits for uninsured motorist coverage claims involving hit and run accidents.

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Walking up to your car to find it has been damaged is always stressful. Fortunately, with the right type of insurance coverage, you can have your car fixed with as little inconvenience as possible. At Skeele Agency, Inc., we help New Yorkers protect themselves in all situations – including hit and runs – by ensuring you have adequate insurance coverage. If you would like more information about our insurance services and a free quote regarding auto insurance, please contact one of our convenient offices today.

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