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Back to School Safety Tips

Back to School Safety Tips

As back to school season is now fully underway, there are a number of important safety reminders that drivers and parents should do well to keep in mind. Whenever you are participating in the traffic of a roadway situation, you are in some ways putting yourself or those around you in some type of risk. Follow these tips to minimize each type of risk posed here.

As A Driver:

  • Be mindful of all the kids going back to school and now around on the sidewalks and streets. Drive slow and pay particular careful attention to the situation around you—especially when school is starting or ending.
  • Be aware of the newly reactivated school zones, often indicated by a bright flashing light and signs. Speeding in a school zone is often accompanied by a hefty fine as well as increased risk.
  • Remember your school bus rules! You cannot pass a bus on either side of the road while it’s red lights are flashing and stop sign opened up, as kids could be crossing to get to or leave it. Even after the lights are turned off, it’s still a good idea to check the area for any straggling or straying children who may be wandering around.
  • Leave early to get to where you’re going, as rushing adds unnecessary risks.
  • When in parking lots for school or child care facilities, be especially careful for any kids who might be around.

As A Pedestrian:

Be sure to remind your child of the following basic safety rules.

  • They should be using marked crosswalks when crossing the street, and look both ways before doing so. Stop, look, and listen has saved lives. Younger children should not be crossing the streets alone.
  • Especially for kids of shorter stature, they should not assume that drivers will be able to see them when they are trying to navigate a street, they should make eye contact with a driver whenever possible.
  • Look out for cars that are traversing in reverse, which is much harder to navigate.
  • Balls, toys, and even pets are replaceable, but your child is not! Teach them never to run into the street to retrieve something from behind an obstacle if a car is coming.
  • When the obvious preference of using a sidewalk is not available, it is always best to walk along a road facing traffic and to the left, so you can see them as well as vice versa.

As a Biker:

  • Make sure your child has a helmet that fits properly, and that they wear it! Also have them follow proper bike safety protocol—nobody should be riding on their handlebars.
  • Ensure that their bike is properly working before they take it out onto the streets, roads, or sidewalks.
  • Keep your child riding on the right side of the road, far away from traffic whenever possible. They are a part of traffic and also need to follow the rules of the road.
  • Be sure that they do not ride at dusk or after dark, or if they absolutely must, are wearing reflective clothing when doing so or have a bright light to alert motorists of their presence.

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